Trade Offers?

Hey guys!! So I just wanted to tell you about some things I have for trade if you want to offer!! There are a few things I have for trade currently that I won’t include on this post, obviously, but here are some things I just want to tell you about that I usually get a lot of offers for and seem wanted to Jammers!!

~Ice Nature Archway

~Small Table


~Wishing Well

~Artist Plaque

Okay so please offer! I am looking for some particular things, but I am flexible if I think I get a fair trade that I like!! Thanks for reading!!

Animal Jam Small Table

Hey Jammers! Today I’ve got info for you on the AJ Small Table! It is a simple blue table that is circular! (You can Google a picture if you’re unsure what it looks like.) Here are some of the things that it is worth!

~Beta porch swing

~Blue Vines

~Pink Forest Walls

~Arctic hood and arctic coat combo (its possible you’ll have to add)

~Long good spike wristband

~Bad short spike collar

<If you disagree about something, tell me in comments and I will possibly add it to my list or take it off my list!>


Hey Jammers! Welcome to my blog!

Hey Jammers! This is a blog for Animal Jam ONLY. This blog is meant for everyone, so keep it clean please! I will give info on what stuff is worth! If anything changes, I will be there to delete or edit my post! Please, if you disagree with me, I’m sorry. I have done research on this stuff! Have fun on my blog and I hope this helps, Jammers!